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IDA-245(N) IDA-245(N)

Tag Activo de 2.45GHz con batería reemplazable

2.45GHz Long Range Active Card : IDA245
 - Life time tags with replaceable battery

• Compatible with RF245 Readers (RF245-2, RF245-3, RF245-5, RF245-10, Neo RF245)
• User programmable Site code, ID number
   (Using PRG245 active card programmer : IDA245)
   (Using PRG245N active card programmer : IDA245N)

• Adaptable behind windshield
• Life-time active tags with replaceable bettery CR2025
• IDA245(N)H2 : Tag for a car with windshield metal coated for ESD protection  >> Comparison Table








Long Range Access Control
(Hands Free Identification)

- Hands free access and identification
- Gated communities / Condominiums / Warehouse
/ Airports / Industries / Ports / Place where people with disabilities

Parking Control
(Vehicle Access Control)

- High speed identification of tag behind windshield
- Conditional identifications when vehicles enter reading field
- Office Parking / Commercial building parking / Hospital parking / University and campus parking / Residential parking

Logistics / Fleet Management
(Weighing Solution)

- Simultaneous identification up to 30 tags/sec
- Fleet management means for example weighing solutions such as waste handling in Seoul
- Waste management / Factory automation / Vineyards / Container tracking

Asset Control

- Identify assets and people leaving a facility
- Match asset to correct owner before exiting
ex) Association of laptops and the owner ID
- Warehouse / Store / Office / Laboratory

Personnel Tracking

- Simultaneous identification of all tag holders
- Multiple readers can be installed in the same area
- Hospital / Laboratory / Prison / Dangerous working environments (Mine, Dock, etc)



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